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Information for foreign pilots

Опубликовано: 14/02/2019

Flying to Russia is not that complicated as it might seem

To make your trip to Russia smooth and enjoyable, please consider these useful hints


  • Set up your schedule with dates and times
  • Choose airport of entry. All international airports in Russia (currently 81) are airports of entry. Passport and customs control will be there upon arrival
  • Choose your destination or multiple destinations in Russia. Not all airfields provide English ATC and foreign aircraft are not permitted to land there
  • Plan your routing between airports. Few airways are closed for international traffic and you have to avoid them in your route
  • Local flights are possible around select airfields. Check our calendar of events to select interesting ones
  • Choose airport of exit on your way from Russia. Farewell passport and customs control are usually fast and simple


  • Jet A-1 is available in all international airports and in select domestic airfields
  • Avgas/mogas are available in select international (entry) airports and almost always in smaller domestic airfields


  • CAA will grant you entry permit upon presenting your itinerary and aircraft documents
  • PPRs are not mandatory, but it is a good practice to have them to assure you are being waited for
  • SLOTs are mandatory only in slot-coordinated airports. There are few of them and you will hardly opt to land there

Flight plans:

  • They are needed for every flight you make to, inside and out of Russia
  • If correctly filed they are usually accepted by authorities within an hour
  • Many apps you are using for flight planning are capable to file FPLs even in Russia


  • Visa is needed for crew and passengers. Simple tourist visa will do
  • Only one tech stop is possible without a visa
  • Russia is simplifying visa procedures and it is not a big headache to get one in your country

If you need more details and feel you’d better ask for advice, please contact as at mail@aopa.ru. Our dedicated team will be happy to assist and make your visit hassle-free and memorable